Misty Float Plane Tour; What You Will See

You want to take a weekend or week-long trip every once in a while. It is something far removed from your traditional or seasonal annual vacation. It is a trip where you will see less people but far more of nature. The float plane ketchikan ak trip takes you high up into the sky. And this is what you see. From high up above, you will be able to see all of the natural splendor of the Misty Fjords. Your flight plan covers the entire length and breadth of the Misty Fjords National Monument park, all of two million acres far and wide.

Now, a quick word about the float plane you will be traveling in. It is called thus because it is one of those planes that will be landing on the water. And in this case, the plane will be landing on any one of those magnificent lakes that you will be viewing from the sky. This will be a quick ground-to whereby you will be allowed to get a little closer to nature. Just for a short while because these trips are scheduled to last no longer than two hours, give or take the amount of time it takes to seat yourself on the plane and then to disembark.

float plane ketchikan ak

The shortness of such trips therefore make this getaway perfect for a weekend trip away from home. And who knows, by the time your annual vacation arrives, you might want to return to these splendors and stay a bit longer. And that you will surely be able to do. Plenty of accommodation available if you book in advance, and still plenty more to see on the ground once you are settled in. the Misty Fjords park was created by a set of glaciers around ten thousand years ago.