How Much Will a Tow Truck Cost?

When your car breaks down, you’ll likely need the help of a tow truck to get out of the jiffy. When your vehicle will not operate, it’s really the only solution to get the vehicle off the side of the road and back to the location of your choosing. Tow trucks come to the rescue, no matter where you’ve broken down in the city, transporting you to the location of your choice, whether it’s the house or mechanic shop. They do this with a heavy duty truck and proper equipment, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.

But, how much is this going to cost? Money doesn’t grow on trees and we all must maintain a budget, after all. The good news is that a tow may not cost as much money as you expect.

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Several factors impact the costs of towing st paul mn. This includes the area of town your vehicle is stuck in, the time of day/night, the type of tow truck used, and the company chosen to provide service. Tow truck companies offer 24/7 service, but keep in mind that a premium charge applies when using services after hours. Tow truck companies offer free estimates upon request. Use this to compare costs with a few providers to get the best rates.

You may spend as little as $50 for a tow in St. Paul or well into the hundreds. Again, there are many factors that impact the costs of the work. Do not wait until the time for a tow truck arises to find the company. That is the worst time because you are often stressed out and overworked. Take the time to compare and choose the two companies now and know who to call in the time of need.